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February 15-16, 2019

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Future Teachers of America – or FTA – is an extra-curricular school organization operated as a school “club” with the mission of engaging the interest of high school students who are interested in a future career in teaching or education.  

FTA provides a means for public school students to participate in realistic education activities that are of assistance in making valid career decisions. 

The intensifying need for more effective communication between educators, students, and the community, and the concern of all stakeholders of an education that meets both the present and future needs are among the growing priorities of FTA. Members of FTA who share in the decision making are participating in a program that recognizes that these priorities should provide students with knowledge of:

  • Education’s role in a democratic society
  • Student’s role as a change agent
  • Exploration of educational careers
  • Leadership experiences
  • Development of community partnerships

Goals & Objectives

Recognizing these basic needs of students and our community, FTA is in the process of change, designed to make the program increasingly meaningful to students and to the education profession. These changes can be identified through the goals and objectives of the organization.

GOAL: To become actively involved and more knowledgeable about global education issues. 


  • Provide opportunities for community involvement by participation in educational events, such as, school board meetings and site based decision-making groups.
  • Enhance school-student-community relations through partnerships with educational, civic, and business groups.
  • Improve effective communication and leadership skills through FTA and Teacher Cadet Programs.
  • Provide opportunities to investigate global educational issues through technology.

GOAL: To provide a means for public school students to participate in realistic education activities that are of assistance in making valid career decisions. 


  • Gain insights into working with children and peers in public schools
  • Provide a variety of educational and cultural experiences through active participation in a FTA Chapter.

Inherent in the development and participation in these objectives is the opportunity for students to gain a perspective of education that allows for an understanding of the importance of public schools and teaching as critical to a democratic society.

Download the “NCFPSC Future Teachers of America Handbook”

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