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2014 Holiday Giveaway Winners

December 9, 2014

$5,000 Grand Prize: 
Princess Moss, Washington, DC (Sold by John Wilson)

$2,500 2nd Prize:  
Jeanne Zentmeyer, Kannapolis, NC (Sold by Alexa Jacobs)

$1,000 3rd Prize: 
Carol Guthrie (Sold by Susan Martin)

$1,000 Prize for 100+ Tickets Sold Drawing:
Brunswick County Retired School Personnel

$100 Prize Winners:

  • Myra Best – Sold by John Wilson
  • Chandler Cooke, Raleigh, NC – Sold by Natalie Cook
  • Natalie Cook, Raleigh, NC – Sold by Natalie Cook
  • Deanie Griffin, Havelock, NC – Sold by Deanie Griffin
  • Clementine Hawkins, Norlina, NC – Sold by Lois Williams
  • Dawn Jones – Sold by Dawn Jones
  • Jesse LaPlante, Lafeyette, CO – Sold by Jeanne LaPlante
  • Monica Moore, Myrtle Beach, SC – Sold by Marca Hamm
  • Ginger Sermons, Hickory NC – Sold by Sandra Hatley
  • Jameel Williams, Henderson, NC – Sold by Jameel Williams

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