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Bilateral Ankle/Foot Orthotics for Carlos

April 15, 2021

Sixth-grader, "Carlos," recently moved to North Carolina from Mexico. Carlos has Cerebral Palsy. His feet point downward and are bent inward which prevents him from walking unaided. Carlos' family struggles financially and do not have the means to purchase equipment he needs. To get to school, Carlos must be transported in a manual wheelchair - and it is in that wheelchair he must stay throughout the school day, even when his class goes outdoors for recreation.

Carlos' public school physical therapist learned about this foundation while searching for help. She knows if Carlos were to be fitted with just the right orthotics, he can walk independently, his confidence will grow in the classroom, and his educational experience will be impacted significantly.

We received the request to help Carlos - and we responded. We are happy to report Carlos is being fitted for bilateral ankle and foot orthotics. Carlos will start 7th grade WALKING into classroom because this foundation exists. Thank you for partnering with us to give Carlos' the opportunities and love he deserves.

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