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Teacher Cadet Training

September 24, 2019
Teacher Cadet

Several schools are implementing The Teacher Cadet Program for the first time this year! We were thrilled to host a few of them at our recent training. Our very own Executive Assistant, Sara Coats, shares her experience below.

"This weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the Teacher Cadet workshop and the release of the newly-revised curriculum. This is a huge honor and just one of the many perks to working with this Foundation. I jump at any chance to assist educators, public school children and future educators. Below are just a few of the many skills taught in his course. Every inch of this curriculum was created by passionate, brilliant teachers! I wish this course had been available to me in high school before I went to college to become a teacher. It is my goal to help promote this program so that it will be available to more future teachers. It is truly life changing! The Cadet teachers and students are going to impact so many people and children in their communities with the tools and lessons provided in this curriculum."

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