2019 “champions for children” gala is may 3


Back Our Students Drive

Countless children start the new school year BEHIND — no backpack to wear, no school supplies of their own. Many come from families who struggle to put food on the table. More than you probably know live in homeless shelters ...

Help us give school children the tools to START STRONG!  
Let's give them a feeling of CONFIDENCE and HOPE
as they walk into the classroom on the first day of school.  

NEW Backpacks and School Supplies for all grade levels are needed.
To schedule drop-off donations, call 704-796-2317. Office — 700 S. Salisbury Street, Raleigh NC 27601
Fill a Backpack? Check out the lists below:

Kindergarten - 5th Grade List

Pocket folders - 2
Kids safety scissors
Glue sticks - 2
Colored pencils - 1 pack
Markers - 1 pack
#2 pencils - 1 pack
1-inch 3-ring binder - 1
Composition notebooks - wide-ruled
Filler paper - wide-ruled
5-tab dividers

6th - 12th Grade List

Pocket folders - 2
#2 pencils - 1 pack
1-inch 3-ring binder
3-inch 3-ring binder
Composition notebooks - college-ruled
Filler paper
Highlighters - 1 pack
Erasers - 1 pack
5-tab dividers

want to help?

If you have the means, please consider donating to help NC schoolchildren succeed. The next person to help a child in need ... could be you.