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The 2019 Back Our Students Drive was another great success! Take a look at the precious faces of children as they received backpacks stocked with school supplies to start their year off strong! Thank you to our sponsors and donors for making this possible!



Ann & John Campbell

Dean & Sesha Debnam

Commissioner Jessica Holmes

John Krane

John I. Wilson


Suellen Beaulieu

Governor Mike Easley and First Lady Mary Easley

The Honorable Lucky Inman

Mark Jewell

Council Member Stef Mendell

The Honorable Mike Ward & Hope Morgan Ward


Commissioner Vickie Adamson

Lynda Anderson

The Honorable June Atkinson

Myra Best

Randolph Cloud

Brad Crone

Laura Crumpler & John Dowd

Linda Davis

Commissioner Greg Ford

Charles Francis

Karen Garr

Representative Rosa Gill

Joyce Jarrett

Julia Kron

School Board Member Christine Kushner & David Kushner

Vann & Jody Langston

Rosanne & Peter Meade

Susan Oller

Pat Orrange

Mack Paul

Jeremiah Pierce

Lanty Smith

Hope Williams

Carole & Brad Wilson

The Honorable Smedes York


The Honorable Lindy Brown

Elizabeth & Cal Cunningham

Zeke Creech

Frank Daniels Jr.

Ed Dunlap Jr.

The Honorable Rufus Edmisten

Commissioner Susan Evans

Angela Farthing

Pam Seamans Feldman

Marge Foreman

Anne Franklin

The Honorable Franklin Freeman Jr.

The Honorable Lorrin Freeman

Sarah Fuerst

Kaye Gattis

Henry Johnson

Barbara & Ed Kelley

Allison Kron

Eric Kron

Christie Mabry

Caroline Massengill

Megan McCurdy

Mary Morgan

Sheri Mulling

Senator Wiley Nickel

Millie Ravenel

Willie Rowe

Safran Law Offices

Schwartz & Shaw PLLC

Dawn Shephard Pope

Gerda Stein

Back Our Students Drive

Countless children start the new school year BEHIND — no backpack to wear, no school supplies of their own. Many come from families who struggle to put food on the table. More than you probably know live in homeless shelters ...

Help us give school children the tools to START STRONG!  
Let's give them a feeling of CONFIDENCE and HOPE
as they walk into the classroom on the first day of school.  

want to help?

If you have the means, please consider donating to help NC schoolchildren succeed. The next person to help a child in need ... could be you.