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We are experiencing a slight delay in responses to your requests and communications due to the resignation of a staff member. We are working diligently to catch up. We will have a new staff member very soon. Thank you for understanding.

children's fund

PLEASE NOTE: All communications regarding Children's Fund are to be directed to Marca Hamm - marca.hamm@ncfpsc.org - 984.222.3625.

The Children’s Fund enables educators and other school personnel to respond to the most basic needs of underprivileged children in a short amount of time when all other resources have been exhausted

NCFPSC serves students who are enrolled in a North Carolina public school and in grades K-12 only.

NCFPSC only accepts requests from individuals employed by a North Carolina public school (teachers, guidance counselors, school nurses, etc.). We do not accept requests from parents. NCFPSC staff communicates only with school personnel.

The Children’s Fund provides student support through financial assistance for eyeglasses, shoes, medicine, school supplies, and other needs. For more information and guidelines on applying for assistance on behalf of a student download, read and understand the Children’s Fund Guidelines prior to submitting this application. 

NCFPSC provides assistance for items that directly relate to a student’s academic experience (see list included on the guidelines). Items not covered include: household items such as furniture, mattresses, groceries, and utilities.

Complete the Children’s Fund request form below. 

Make sure you receive approval in writing for your funding request before services are rendered or expenses are incurred. NCFPSC is not liable for services or expenses for items that have not been approved. NCFPSC will not reimburse for receipts dated or expenses paid for prior to the request submission.

Field Trips

NCPFSC considers funding for field trips and extracurricular conferences on a case-by-case situation. To inquire about possible assistance, please send a message with details about the trip and explain why assistance is needed. Please detail efforts made to raise funds by an individual or group and/or detail efforts to secure assistance from other sources.

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Children's Fund Guidelines


Financial assistance may be provided for North Carolina K-12 public school students for the following once during a school year:

  • Eyeglasses - We do not pay for unrequired enhancements and we do not pay for two pair per student when there is a discount on the second pair.
  • Eye Exams - When now pay for eye exams WHEN ONE IS REQUIRED.  Students on Medicaid should have a prescription on file if their need for glasses is because they broke or lost their glasses before Medicaid will pay for a new pair. If the student has a prescription on file that is less than a year old, we will pay for a new exam only if it is documented medically necessary. 
  • Dental Expenses - Fillings and extractions are considered; no cosmetic or braces.
  • Medical Equipment -  Only when it impacts their school attendance and performance.
  • Medical Expenses - Physicals, EC assessments, other situations that directly impact school attendance and performance
  • Prescriptions (30-day supply)
  • Educational fees 
  • Learning devices - hearing aids, visual aids
  • School supplies
  • Musical Instruments
  • Other - If a student has a need that is not listed, yet it is affecting school attendance and performance, please let us know. We will consider other needs on an individual basis and in consideration to our Children's Fund budget.


Direct Payment to Vendor

  • An application must be submitted electronically via the Foundation website: NCFPSC.org. Each request is typically reviewed within 3 business days of submission.
  • Upon approval of the request, an email from the Foundation will be sent to the applicant that states the Foundation has approved the request at a stated dollar amount that serves as a commitment to pay. A letter for the provider/vendor will be attached to this email.
  • The applicant will send the letter for the provider/vendor directly to the them (fax, email, snail mail, etc.) DO NOT send this letter through the student, student's parents or guardians. Applicant serves as liason between our foundation and provider/vendor. We know this can be an inconvenience, however, it is our policy to work only with public school personnel. Once the provider/vendor receives our letter, they may contact us directly if they have questions.
  • After services are provided, the applicant/provider will need to fax an invoice for payment to (984) 222-3645 or email to marca.hamm@ncfpsc.org.
  • Provider must submit an invoice to the Foundation within 30 days of Foundation’s approval to pay. Payment from NCFPSC will be mailed to the provider/vendor within 10-14 days of receipt. If an invoice is not submitted to the Foundation within 30 days of request approval, the online application will be voided and the Foundation will not provide payment.

Reimbursement Payment

  • Requests that include purchasing retail items (clothing, shoes, school supplies, etc.) are reimbursed by the Foundation.
  • The applicant will receive notice via email of the financial assistance that will be provided. 
  • The applicant should mail the original receipts of the approved purchase amount for reimbursement within 30 days. Applicant will be reimbursed after submitting all original receipts to the Foundation up to the amount approved.
  • If receipts are not received within 30 days, the application will be voided.
  • The applicant may not request any assistance until all receipts are returned from previous requests.
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