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CHILDREN & teachers

The purpose of the Disaster Relief Fund is to provide for various academic needs and supplies to students, teachers and schools throughout public school systems that are directly affected by natural disasters. We provide for supplies and items not covered by insurance or by federal, state, and local governments.

Who May Apply 
Public school personnel may apply on behalf of a public school student.
Public school teachers may apply for personal emergency assistance when no other resources are available to them.
What Is Covered
Academic supplies and materials for students and teachers - eyeglasses, clothing, shoes, and toiletries.
Instructional materials not covered by insurance are considered on a case-by-case basis through a grant to the school.  

What Is Not Covered

  • Resources provided by federal, state, and local governments provide (shelter, food, clothing).
  • Hotels when emergency shelters are available. Locate options by zip code by visiting the American Red Cross, or Salvation Army, or by texting SHELTER and your zip code (for example, “SHELTER 01234”) to 4FEMA (43362). You can also download the FEMA Mobile App to find open shelters.
  • Home repairs, household items such as mattresses and furniture, groceries, funerals, utilities. For damage and destroyed homes, apply for FEMA assistance.
  • Gas
  • College students.

Questions? Marca Hamm at or call 984.222.3625

* NCFPSC reserves the right to make amendments to any dollar amount referenced contingent upon revenue. 

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