2019 “champions for children” gala is may 3!
2019 GALA: MAY 3!



The North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children assists public school children and personnel when they have been affected by an “act of God” (ie, hurricanes, floods, fires, etc). 

Disaster Relief funds may be used for: school buildings and contents, academic supplies and materials, clothing, shoes, school supplies, toiletries.

Applicants must be submitted by public school personnel only – either for oneself or on behalf of another. Upon approval, checks will be made payable to the vendor when appropriate or to the applicant .

NCFPSC is unable to give assistance for home repairs, household items such as mattresses and furniture, groceries, funerals, and utilities.

* NCFPSC reserves the right to make amendments to any dollar amount referenced contingent upon revenue. 

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want to help?

If you have the means, please consider donating to help NC schoolchildren succeed. The next person to help a child in need ... could be you.