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To meet new and critical needs, the North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children (NCFPSC) has established a RELIEF FUND.

Everyday, NCFPSC works to provide items and services that school children need to succeed in school when no other resources are available. Eyeglasses, medications, hearing aids, and leg braces are just a few of the needs that teachers present to us daily – needs that directly impact a child’s day-to-day learning.

This work is never more important than when our ​​students and educators face an unexpected crisis, whether a natural disaster or a health emergency.

​As our state faces the novel coronavirus, educators have risen to the challenge -- protecting the health and safety of their students, collaborating to provide instruction for at-home and online use, coordinating meals and food services for students and families, and​ providing instructional supplies.

The NCFPSC Relief Fund supports their efforts, providing direct support for the critical needs of students and extending academic instruction during school closures.

It is easy to feel isolated during this uncertain time. By contributing to ​the NCFPSC Relief Fund, you are part of the solution. Working together, we can support our remarkable educators and provide our students the opportunity and support to continue learning.

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